Reno, Nevada
7 Reasons to Buy a Condo in Reno

Reno, Nevada is an exciting destination to visit or call home. Reno gets its initial claim to fame as the little brother of Las Vegas, offering a smaller, more intimate gambling experience. But Reno has plenty of fun things to do besides the roulette table, and in 2011, “The Biggest Little City in the World” …

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Los Angeles Sunrise
Wheelchair Accessible Guide to Los Angeles

Now that you’re settling into your new California condo, there’s plenty of reasons why you might want to pay Los Angeles a visit. Home of Hollywood, the Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive and more than a few great restaurants, L.A. clearly reigns as one of the nation’s best cities (and best vacation stops–it’s hard to …

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Golden Gate Bridge
California’s Better Half : NoCal

Northern California is quickly becoming the place to be for new college grads, young entrepreneurs, and millennials of all varieties looking for good areas to live, work, hangout, and grow. Northern California, and specifically the San Francisco, San Jose, and the Sacramento metro areas have developed into both national and international hubs of tech entrepreneurship, …

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High Tech Startup Necessities
Where to Move? – 7 Best Cities for High-Tech Startup Businesses

The age of American industry conceded its dominance to the technical market over three decades ago, and now tech startups are the hottest trend in this expanding technical market. Deemed the work of quirky geniuses, these companies are iconicized as the non-traditional cash crops of the modern generation. They continue to push the envelope of …

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Beach Friends
Settling In: Explore Your New Part of the Country with a West Coast Road Trip!

There’s a reason they call it the Best Coast. From top to tip, you can traverse the entirety of the West Coast in under 48 hours. Take a couple of days and explore this new part of the country as you settle in, or as you consider purchasing your new West Coast Condo.  Experience some …

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Solar Power for Condo Owners

Condo’s are a great option for those wanting to delve into home ownership for the first time.  Despite being the owner, living in a condo often doesn’t include all of the freedom that living in a single-family home can provide unfortunately. Making building modifications like moving walls, installing skylights, and other structurally altering modifications are …

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Top Coffee Shops for Your Early Morning in Concord, California

Let’s face it, early morning coffee runs are just about the most stressful, but most necessary parts of any morning for the working American. I concede that most people already have their favorites; their go-to java spots when time is of the essence and a caffeine buzz is a must. But changing up the routine …

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4 Tips on Buying Your First Condo

Looking to buy a home without all the hassle of exterior maintenance and more space than you really need? When you’re considering purchasing a condominium, there are certain things you must know. Understanding the challenges of purchasing a condo will help give you a head start to an exciting purchase ahead. Here are 4 tips …

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3 Tips on How To Find the Home You’ve Been Dreaming About

Finding the home of your dreams is far from a fantasy as it requires time, effort, and even stress during the process. This is especially true if you don’t know where to begin your search. To prepare for this large purchase, we’ve rounded up the best tips on finding a home that will translate your …

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