Top Coffee Shops for Your Early Morning in Concord, California

Let’s face it, early morning coffee runs are just about the most stressful, but most necessary parts of any morning for the working American. I concede that most people already have their favorites; their go-to java spots when time is of the essence and a caffeine buzz is a must. But changing up the routine in favor of a new and exciting café can not only freshen up the monotony of the every-day, you might just find a new place to call your favorite. So, before you head out to the office on Monday, take a quick look at the list of the best coffee shops in Concord.


Touch of Europe – Colfax St.

As Americans, we hate to admit even the slightest concession that Europeans make a mean cup of joe, but, honestly, they do. So, it’s natural to understand that any café employing a European style approach to their bean-brewing will be a pretty popular spot. Again, being a European style place, Touch of Europe is well-known for their espresso, which comes highly recommended. They even have the luxury of carrying European groceries, so you can sip and shop the way those cats do across the pond! Head in and get some grub and some joe and leave a happy camper.


Coffee Shop – Locust St.

You got to love any business that brings it back to the basics, and it doesn’t get much more basic than calling your coffee shop, “Coffee Shop”. Though technically located in Walnut Creek, this hip java joint has reviewers raving about the artisan slow-drip the shop employs. Simplicity of name does not mean simplicity of quality. This place is boasting a pretty hot rank of 4.5/5 stars on yelp, and it seems no one has a bad thing to say about the place!


Bondadoso Coffee and Teas Collective – Broadway St.

I know, we have another jockey from Walnut Creek sneaking its way in. However, reviews have been the main criteria for this list, and Bondadoso is most definitely on the shops at the top. A cozy, small café known for its warm and inviting atmosphere. And perhaps the best part of this shop is the rotation of options. There is no static menu, so it isn’t for the fearful coffee consumer. This is a perfect place to be pleasantly surprised by a new and exciting option every once and a while, it does not disappoint.


Peet’s Coffee – Diamond Blvd.

I love the simple stuff. What kind of place? Coffee. Whose coffee? Peet’s. Short, sweet, and speedy. That’s probably what I love most about it. It is located in a new grand plaza, so there are multiple parking options for you if you’re under the gun on time, and pretty much every reviewer has commented on the fact that ordering was simple and fast. Now, I know it’s a chain, but it’s one of the cool, more local chains. So, it’s still cool, dude. And if you’re one of those hard-nosed coffee lovers who knows what they like and doesn’t waver, this is the perfect spot to grab the same order with a bit of a different twist that you may just like even more!


Chick’s Donuts and Coffee Shop – Willow Pass Rd.

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Maybe the typical coffee and tart combo isn’t doin’ it for you anymore. Maybe the luke-warm breakfast options at Starbucks aren’t really sitting well in the stomach after a half-hour. Maybe you’re a cop. Whatever the case, coffee and donuts is just about the best quick-breakfast combination to grace this small rock we call Earth. There’s just something about the consistency of the donut once you’ve dunked it (properly). Then your coffee just tastes even better with a hint of your favorite bun. Chick’s also makes a killer big breakfast if you’ve got time, and you can enjoy the sight and smell of your orange juice being squeezed fresh right before your eyes.


Sugar Plumb Coffee Shop – Colfax St.

If you’ve got a taste for the nostalgic, Sugar Plumb is an obvious choice. There’s just nothing quite like a local diner that gives you a sense of home and community. You see the regulars in there at their favorite times and knowing the wait-staff by name is always a plus. Just like Chick’s, this place has a bomb selection for a full breakfast, harking back to the days of corned beef hash and chicken-fried steak for breakfast, when cowboys had to be out on the saddle all day. Do yourself a favor, stop in.


Everyone’s routine becomes a precious and immovable constant in their life. They provide the feeling of comfort and security we search for. But it’s always good to branch out a little. I know this sounds serious, because it is. Your morning coffee experience could be the catalyst of the outcome of your entire day. If you like what you like, and don’t plan on changing, fine. I understand. But if the malaise of your routine is becoming a bit much, head out to one of these spots to brighten it up!

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