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Where to Move? – 7 Best Cities for High-Tech Startup Businesses

The age of American industry conceded its dominance to the technical market over three decades ago, and now tech startups are the hottest trend in this expanding technical market. Deemed the work of quirky geniuses, these companies are iconicized as the non-traditional cash crops of the modern generation. They continue to push the envelope of what is possible, and advance the future of the socioeconomic landscape as we know it.

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But as a seed needs a proper furrow to grow, so too does a tech startup company require an environment poised to nurture and promote. The best cities for a high-tech startups all have a common vein of growth and progression pulsing through them; they are cities with an impassioned collective of young adults that are receptive to innovation and are likely to involve themselves with new ideas like UberEats and Scoot. But it is not only this idyllic test market driven by consumer participation that satisfy the environmental needs of a tech startup. The presence of other successful ventures to provide networking and partnership opportunities is key to the growth of any tech company. Based on these factors, here is our list of the top 7 cities to buy your next condo and start your next high-tech startup businesses .

Denver Skyline

Denver, CO

Atop our list sits Denver for a number of reasons. The biggest is that this city has proven itself to be inviting to change time and again over the last decade–most notably with its decision to legalize cannabis in 2012. They have a booming economy and a relatively lower cost of living, making it an appetizing destination for software engineers who look to spend the dollars of their massive salaries on more than just a cramped condo downtown. Denver is the home to several Fortune 500 Companies including Arrow Electronics and Davita Healthcare.  Plus, there is a youthful demographic that continues to grow, ranking eighth among large cities for attracting people ages 18 through 35 in 2016. The Mile High City is ripe for innovation and dynamic in its economic outlook, making it the perfect host for any startup looking to blend a relaxing atmosphere and an empowered industry.

 Nashville Downtown

Nashville, TN

Music City appears to be the hidden gem on this list: most people conceptualize it as a town of tourism and country music–and ten years ago, this would have been a perfectly accurate depiction of the place. But Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in the country now. With an average of 100 people moving there a day, it is a competitive scene comprised of unified artists and an educated working-class of young adults. This population is mobile, social, and excited about change, making it incredibly receptive to new ideas laid out by tech companies. It is also the quintessential test market, ranked by SmallBusiness.com as the #1 Microcosm City, reflecting best the characteristics of the nation as a whole. Lastly, home to numerous universities including Vanderbilt, Belmont, MTSU, and Lipscomb, any tech company with a focus on mobile gadgets would find an excellent talent pool here without fretting over the cost of cross-country recruitment.

Austin, TX

Already the home to regional headquarters for tech giants like Dell, Apple, and IBM, Austin, TX still has room for new faces. Look no further than companies like Virtuix, who create VR-gaming platforms, or Tenfold, a software communications company that recently boasted 400 percent company growth in 2016. An awesome city that people from all around the world now call home, tech startups will be in good company amongst this large family of innovators.

Seattle Sunset Downtown

Seattle, WA

With an area of town literally called Pioneer Square, Seattle is no stranger to successful entrepreneurial undertakings that rock the entire country–companies like Amazon and Microsoft. This city is unparalleled in its support of young business owners, sponsoring programs like The Seattle 10, a showcase of the area’s hottest startups. Take a look at this years list and gauge how well your company will fit amongst the mix of this incredibly talented collective.

Chicago Downtown

Chicago, IL

Specializing in eCommerce tech, big data, cloud, and consumer web products, Chicago seems to be able to do it all. The most populous city on our list so far, it makes sense that Chi Town has such a diversified range of capabilities pertaining to the tech world. Any startup in the region will grow quickly alongside companies like Groupon, Relativity, and Braintree. It is an educated city where things happen on a big scale, and a wealth of promising young candidates that comprise an innovative crowd to choose from.

New York

New York, NY

New York, although the only East Coast city amongst the list, is the financial capital of the world. It is the home to nearly every big bank in the nation where you can find a multitude of angel investors to take your startup to the next level. Vibrant, lively, and ever-growing, New York contains thousands of niche markets that make perfect targets for exploring how well your latest tech product can excel amongst a specific demographic.

San Jose Building

San Jose, CA

We’ve saved the most obvious for last. When people think of wildly successful tech startups, nothing but hipsters clad with large-rimmed glasses throwing a frisbee in Guadalupe River Park comes to mind. Silicon Valley was built on companies like Google, Oracle, Tesla, and Apple. It is has always been the Mecca of innovators, and will probably continue to be for decades to come. You cannot go wrong taking up residence here, growing shoulder-to-shoulder with the best the nation has to offer.

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